Dancrete lightweight concrete is a specially designed lightweight concrete with very high strength and excellent durability which can be used for constructive purposes. Dancrete LW light-weight concrete is based on specially developed Dancrete LW concentrate to be mixed with cement and Dancrete LW LAVA pumice aggregates resulting in a concrete with very high  compressive strength compared to traditional lightweight concrete. Dancrete LW lightweight concrete is combining the latest cement / micro particle technology with a special union of admixtures and specially selected aggregates with well known properties. This combination enables lightweight concrete based on these components to achieve properties far beyond the possibilities of traditional lightweight concrete.

With our latets´´st technology we provide the testing of the local material combined with our concentrate to maximize strentgth and special needs for the purpose.

Dancrete lightweight concrete is mixed by using local cement, Concentrate LW, LW lava and local aggregates suitable for the concrete use. The cement and Concentrate LW together makes the binder (cement) of the concrete and normally no other additives are necessary. The local aggregates must be made, of good quality and free from reactive material. The amount of binder is depending on the requested work-ability, the type of cement used as well as the grain size and grading of the local aggregates.

Compressive strength:

24 hours:          10 – 15   N/mm²

7 days:             20 – 40   N/mm²

28 days:           30 – 50 N/mm²