Repair and Rehabilitation of Bridges.

Existing bridges are commonly assessed by bridge rating through structural analysis. Load testing is also frequently used. Many structures, especially when they are made in concrete, are deteriorated, under designed or damaged because of disasters like earthquakes, accidental overloading or material failures because of wear, tear, corrosion or erosion.

A bridge’s superstructure can suffer many different types of damage, both from the elements and from regular use over time. When determining between rehabilitation or replacement, both the structural integrity and traffic control limitations must be taken into consideration.

UHPC is an advanced cement-based composite material and not comparable to traditional concrete.

UHPC overlays provide a durable and impermeable layer against chlorides and can also structurally strengthen an existing bridge deck. It is an excellent rehabilitation method to extend the service life and to enhance the long-term durability performance in a cost-effective way.

The Dancrete HD System is used for re-strengthen and rehabilitations for bridges.
The material on the leading edge of concrete innovation, ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) provides a new technology to expand a precaster’s business with new products and solutions. The material’s combination of superior properties facilitates the ability to design thin, complex shapes, curvatures and highly customized textures – applications which are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional reinforced concrete elements.

Dancrete has the knowledge, experience and the newest technology, to develop tailor made solutions for specific problems related to the clients demands. Out components are specific picked to meet our own demands within the quality and we cooperate with several well known engineers

  • Rehabilitation or replacement of bridge deck overlays
  • Repair of the first rebar layer of an existing bridge deck
  • Making bridge decks continuous or composite
  • Economical repair with minimum traffic interruption

Deck Rehabilitation can be accomplished with multiple materials depending on the need, such as:

  • Polymer-Modified Concrete
  • Latex-Modified Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC)