Dancrete HF100 is a free flowing, low shrinking cement based mortar, premixed and ready to use after mixing with water.

Dancrete HF100 powder contains a unique blend of selected cements, microparticles and a combination of admixtures. It is designed to minimies shrinkage and offers control settings.

Dancrete HF100 is specially developed to provide a thin surface coating, with high preliminary and final strength, on industrial floors with heavy mechanical loads.

Dancrete HF100 powder, when mixed with water, produces a free flowing mortar which is exceedingly more dense than traditional cement based mortars and has a very high cohesive strength.

Also small fibers are effectively being a part of the system and creating a significant higher ductility, which benefits the joint-free construction.


  • Compressive strength from 110 – 180 NN/mm2
  • Freeze/thaw resistance
  • Extremely dense microstructure with good chemical and wear resistance
  • No complications with exposure of salt, oil and gasoline
  • Joint free
  • Low permeability
  • High wear resistance

Areas of use

  • Waste plants
  • Garages
  • Workshops of any kind
  • Concrete roads
  • Parking-areas
  • Special industrial areas and several others