Dancrete SFC Binder is a specially developed binder with extreme density and very high compressive strength compared to traditional cementitous binders. Dancrete SFC Binder is combining the newest cement / micro particle and fibre technology with a special union of admixtures which enables mortars, grouts and concrete based on this binder to achieve strength and durabilities way beyond the possibilities of the  traditional cementitious materials.

Dancrete Ultra High-Performance Cement binders are used, mainly in medium and high security level safes and vaults replacing concrete as well as expensive materials. The purpose of using Dancrete is to reduce the cost and obtain products of lower wall thickness and weight. Out standrda on the raw material are set very high and we always aim to supply the very best.

Dancrete SFC Binder contains polypropylene fibres and is perfectly suited for both main reinforcement like steel bars and wire mesh as well as steel fibre reinforcement. Incorporated fibre and main reinforcement dramatically increases the ductility of the final mix. Dancrete SFC is made so it can be special designed for any demands.

Dancrete SFC materials with a high degree of resistance towards tools like:

  • Mechanical tools like hammer, chisel, electro hammer, grinding disc etc.
  • Thermic tools like blow torch, the oxyarc and the thermic lance
  • Demolition by high explosives

Compressive strength:

24 hours:    45 – 75 N/mm²                   

3 days:    110 – 150 N/mm²                   

7 days:    130 – 180 N/mm²                   

28 days:      150 – 250 N/mm²