Dancrete Microcement are produced in many various colors.The smooth cement floor natural color or pigmented, a classic of ancient farms.

It has evolved as a result of thedevelopment of materials technology, making today the microcemento. 

This is a noble, durable and flexible material, with an infinite range of colors that make it an indispensable tool for decorators and architects, both in new construction and renovations coating.

Most microcements are essentially comprised of a rapid hardening cement, fine fillers such as calcium carbonate or a fine quartz powder, fine aggregates and an adhesive polymer so the product can stick to most surfaces, including cement screeds, concrete, tiles, cement boards, plaster board etc

By mixing these ingredients together a strong and flexible medium is created which can be applied to floors, walls and furniture installations. Over strength is developed very quickly with the rapid hardening cements and additives.

Key Features Of Microcement

  • Can be applied over new and existing floor and wall surfaces
  • Rapid hardening, highly abrasion resistant 
  • Multiple colours available to perfect your project aesthetics
  • Highly crack resistant and flexible for use over underfloor heating
  • Thin coats are applied by trowel suitable for floors, walls, worktops, furniture